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Tree Services in Juneau, AK

Are you in need of a quality tree service?

Whether encroaching branches are looming over your property, a tree is blocking the sun from hitting your garden, or you need a job site cleared, Cal’s Arbor Arts can provide a solution.

Cal’s Arbor Arts has provided valuable forestry services to Juneau and SE Alaska since 1999, offering a variety of tree services including tree removal, forest management, consulting services, pruning and trimming, tree topping, view enhancement, and hazard assessment to the local community. The certified arborists at Cal’s Arbor Art have over 80 years of combined woods experience, with extensive knowledge of tree pests & diseases, as well as common tree hazards.

How We Can Help

Tree Removal

Fallen foliage, limbs, and various debris from trees can accumulate quickly. This can leave you to take care of a sizable mess. Cal’s Arbor Arts offers both clean-up and clearing services, making certain that brush and dead branches will no longer occupy valuable real estate on your property.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trees are incredibly resilient. Some are even capable of living for thousands of years. Unfortunately, trees also sometimes become a problem, or even a danger, to the world around them. Cal’s Arbor Arts provides safe and efficient tree trimming and pruning services that keep your home or business protected from the potential thousands in damage that trees can cause.

Hazard Assessment

Worried about a tree falling and damaging your property or loved ones? Don’t leave your safety to chance. We offer hazard tree assessments from a certified arborist who will consult with you on the safety and health of trees on your property and offer expert advice.

Our certified professional provides you with information that other tree services may not, such as the potential cost of tree removal, diseases or characteristics unique to your tree species, and the potential for storm damage.

Land & Brush Clearing

Deciding to remove a problem tree can be a difficult yet important choice. Our expert tree removal services make tree and property care safe and easy. Hiring a certified professional arborist from Cal’s Arbor Arts means you will receive only the safest, most efficient tree removal possible.
Please review our extensive reference list. As a licensed and insured business, we pride ourselves on our distinguished work in consultation, as well as tree maintenance and removal.

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