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Hazard Assessment

Image of a large tree being cut down after our tree risk assessment services determined it was hazardous.

Understanding Your Trees with Our Tree Risk Assessment

Sometimes it’s hard to understand your trees’ health. It’s hard to know if your tree is receiving enough water, if its root system is receiving enough nutrients, or even if it’s at risk of falling.

Fortunately, Cal’s Arbor Arts offers comprehensive tree risk assessments from a certified arborist (International Society of Arborculture) and forest management consultant. This assessment can provide you with extensive information and insight on your tree and its health, as well as expert advice from a crew with over 80 years of combined woods experience.

Why You May Need a Hazard Assessment

Trees can be an extremely valuable asset to your property. However, they can also be an extreme risk if not taken care of properly. A number of issues can afflict trees’ health, including pests, diseases, and storm damage. These can take a significant number of years off of a tree’s lifespan without showing a trace of damage on the outside. Our professionals have the expertise needed to diagnose these issues before they can become fatal.

During a tree risk assessment, our arborists review trees on your property, looking for any potential defect that could possibly cause part or all of the tree to fail. This is because a tree failure can result in extensive damage to nearby infrastructure, property, and people.

Our Other Assessment Services

In addition to our tree risk assessment service, our certified arborists also provide other assessment services, including:

  • Disease diagnostics
  • Pest diagnostics
  • Tree protection
  • Tree appraisal
  • Structural testing

At Cal’s Arbor Arts, our goal is to make sure your trees are happy and healthy. We believe in a proactive approach to your trees’ health. When we complete a tree risk assessment, we will recommend a potential course of action for tree care that we believe will keep them going strong for years to come.

Preventing your trees’ health from declining may seem like a sizable task, but in reality, it is as easy as contacting Cal’s Arbor Arts at (907) 321-4433 for a free consultation.


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