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Land & Brush Clearing

Image of a certified arborist on the top of a tree, removing a tree as part of our yard cleanup service.

Fast and Efficient Yard Cleanup Service

Extreme weather can affect your property in many ways. Massive winds, heavy storms, and snow can spell disaster for poorly maintained trees and leave major damage in their path. Fallen limbs and downed trees can make your yard a mess, leaving you to wonder what to do next.

Careful Cleanup by Experienced Professionals

Damage caused by storms means cleanup could be just as dangerous as the storm itself. Never attempt to clean up your property after a storm on your own. Downed power lines, shattered glass, and splintered wood are just a few of the life-threatening hazards that are often present following large storms.

If your property has experienced storm damage, call on a trained professional for your land cleanup. Our certified arborists will work to quickly evaluate the best approach to clearing your property of any possible debris or hazardous material. After this, we will safely clear all timber and other unwanted material from your property.

Cal’s Arbor Arts’ experts have years of experience. We have the expertise needed to carefully and safely remove fallen trees, limbs, and debris, as well as deal with potentially deadly hazards like downed power lines.

Whether it’s disaster clean-up, lot clearing, site prep, or brush chipping (including consultation on necessary permitting and utility identification), our comprehensive yard clean-up services are here to help you deal with whatever life throws at you and your property.

Making Sure You Only Have to Clean Up Once

At Cal’s Arbor Arts, we believe in taking a proactive approach to your trees’ health. Issues that trees can experience such as fallen branches and falling over are often because the tree has not been properly taken care of and has become weak as a result.

Because of this, we offer tree assessments and consultations that can catch potential health problems such as infection and disease before they become an issue. These assessments will not only help you avoid issues with fallen limbs and debris in the future but also give you a better understanding of your trees’ health and how to keep them going strong.

If you are in need of storm cleanup, clearing of debris from your property, lot clearing, site prep, brush chipping, tree assessments, or any other tree services, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (907) 321-4433 for your free consultation. Our professionals are eager to help!


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