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Tree Removal

Image of a man using a chainsaw to cut down a tree as part of our tree removal service.

Safe and Easy Tree Removal Service

Choosing between keeping and removing a tree can be difficult. While trees are a vital part of our local ecosystem, they also have the potential to do more harm than good. Reasons why someone may decide to remove a tree include:

  • Unhealthy trees are vulnerable to pests and often experience problems with falling branches and other debris.
  • Unruly tree roots can travel underneath sidewalk foundations, weakening them as they expand and grow.
  • On occasion, trees can be removed for construction reasons, like obstructing infrastructure projects like gardens from receiving full sunlight or producing unwanted byproducts such as needles or sap.
  • Trees can grow in unexpected ways. Tree growth potentially encroaching on power lines and other infrastructure is a considerable risk.

Whatever the reason for tree removal, Cal’s Arbor Arts can provide you with experience and expertise, utilizing advanced techniques such as block and tackle lowering to ensure safe and efficient removal.

Our Process

Removing a tree is a complex process that requires careful cutting and disposal of limbs. Whether you need only one problem tree cleared off your site or you are clearing a site for future construction, you’ll need a professional tree service to make sure the job is done safely. Our crew of certified arborists is equipped with advanced equipment, ensuring that we provide you with safe and efficient service.

Keeping Tree Removal Service Cost Down

With other tree removal companies, removal costs can quickly add up. At Cal’s Arbor Arts, our dedicated professionals make sure your job is done right the first time. We offer tree removal services other companies don’t, such as deadwood removal, tree topping, consultations, and brush clearing. Each of our services ensure that your property or job site is exactly the way you want it.

Interested in having a tree removed from your property? Follow in the footsteps of our many satisfied customers and contact us at (907) 321-4433 today for your free consultation!


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