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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Image of a certified arborist scaling a tree and cutting down limbs as part of our tree trimming service.

Quality Tree Trimming Service

Trees are a precious natural resource and a vital part of their local ecosystem. To ensure their long-term health, they must receive regular skilled care and maintenance, including pruning and tree trimming services. This is where the professionals at Cal’s Arbor Arts come in.

At Cal’s Arbor Arts, we believe in taking a proactive approach to maintaining tree health. Our experienced professionals pride themselves on providing the highest-quality pruning and trimming services possible.

Why You Should Trim Your Trees

There are many reasons why keeping trees well maintained is important. Trees that are in good health are extremely resilient to storms, diseases, and pests. Regular trimming and maintenance can keep your trees strong and sturdy by ensuring that unnecessary weight stays off the ends of the branches, making sure they stand the test of time.

Trimming your trees can also help manage the aesthetic quality of your property. Loose branches and misshapen limbs can be eyesores, blocking views and limiting access to precious sunlight for plant life. Pruning your trees helps to maximize solar radiation, enhance views and create a livelier, more vibrant landscape.

Pruning these loose branches prevents potential health risks. Unhealthy trees can be a health hazard, especially considering the harsh weather, heavy snow, and extreme storms we experience here in Alaska. Falling branches that are brought down by these hazards can destroy important property in seconds and cost thousands in damages.

Our Other Expert Services

Regular tree care from Cal’s Arbor Arts protects your family and property from catastrophic hazards and reduces any risk of storm damage, but did you know that we offer many other tree services?

Interested in your trees’ health and want to make certain that they’re growing healthy and strong? We offer health assessments from a certified arborist who can give you unique insight into the health of your trees.

Whether you’re in need of a trusted tree trimming service or any other tree service, don’t hesitate to call on Cal’s Arbor Arts and its team of professionals. With Cal’s Arbor Arts, you can rest easy knowing that your tree service needs are being fulfilled safely, efficiently, and with the utmost skill.

Already experienced tree damage and wondering where to go next? Our experienced professionals also offer yard cleanup and tree removal services. Contact us now at (907) 321-4433 for your free consultation!


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